Taste, smell, color

Open your eyes wide, and your mouth

You eat with your eyes! Grandma said.
That is one of our goals, we want you to eat with your eyes, discover with your smell and taste with your mouth.
We offer you a tasting menu where you can enjoy our classics, a good option if you haven't tried them yet.

Tasting menu

  • Our Olive

    Our olive*.

  • Paniza melada with foie

    "Paniza" with duckliver *

  • Shrimp omelette with brava sauce

    Traditional prawn fritters with a spicy sauce

  • Toasted brioche with cured egg yolk and marinated sardines

    Toasted brioche with egg yolk, sardines and herring eggs

  • Urium garlic prawns *.

    Garlic prawns and a dash of dry sherry *.

  • Lamb with "mhamza" and lavender sauce

    Lamb served with mhamza and lavender sauce

  • Cream toast with thyme ice cream

    French toast and thyme ice cream

  • Price per person: 37,50 €.

    The menu will be served at a full table.
    Drinks not included.
    Wine pairing 25,00 € per person.
    The menu we serve to complete tables.
    Drinks not included
    Wine selection 25,00 € pers.