We are Contraseña

Creativity at the table

Our Philosophy

The Password of the good table

Not so long ago, restaurants were catering houses where customers were offered the delicacies of each place in an open pot. It is in this spirit that Contraseña was born, but passing this concept through the sieve of innovation, research and culinary technique, which León Griffioen has cultivated in his kitchen for so many years. Contraseña is the younger brother of Código de Barra, who for so many years took his place in Plaza Candelaria.
Today in Contraseña we continue with the same philosophy, here diners will find a place to eat well, very well, where from the respect to the deepest of the traditions of La Cocina Gaditana and Andaluza evolve towards the gastronomic creativity and the surprise.
We are very respectful with the raw material, we can not forget that three thousand
years of history of the kitchen contemplate us

Creativity and Marriage

Leon Griffioen

Restless, curious and passionate are some of the characteristics of this "wandering" chef, a student of gastronomic tradition and innovation, he interprets the cuisine of Cadiz in a unique way. His desire to know and his love for cooking led him to work in different Michelin Star restaurants.
And why did he come to Cadiz?
Let him surprise you with the personality of his dishes, flavors full of passion where custom and tradition maintain their essence impregnating all your senses with Creativity.

Paqui Marquez

Shy, detail-oriented and very enthusiastic about everything she does, is The Smile Password by Bar Code.
She did not enter this world by vocation but for a long time, the room and the world of wine is her passion. excellent sommelier who, besides looking for the best wines to harmonize with our letter, will make your experience in Password is for memory.
Tireless in his desire to continue learning from this profession, from to retrain themselves day by day in order to be able to stand up to the diner.
It is the transmission shaft between the kitchen and the living room.